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Today, an effective internet presence is more than a website. In face, there are 5 critical things your internet presence must do.


Your internet presence must be seen. If no one sees you on the internet, what good will it do you? You need to use the most effective strategies to get your site seen on the internet.


You must have an effectively crafted marketing message┬áthat will get your viewers to do what you want them to do. Usually that is to…

    • Leave their email address
    • Call you
    • Come to your business
    • Purchase something on the internet


You internet presence must help to ensure that all your customers are satisfied customers. They need to know that you care about them and want to make sure they get the most effective use of your products and services.


Your internet presence must make your customers become repeat customers.


Your internet presence must facilitate your satisfied customers to refer their friends and colleagues. That’s the best way to get new customers.



It Will Add To Your Bottom Line Profits

It Will Add To Your Company Assets


The internet is the most powerful tool for communicating with other people ever invented. That means it can be your most powerful and most cost effective tool for getting more customers and increasing your bottom line profits. Per dollar spent it is more effective than any other form of advertising… but in order for it to work, you must do 3 things.

  • Develop a clear marketing message
  • Use the best media to convey that message
  • Use the right internet technology to make people take the actions you want

Getting the results you want out of the internet and the World Wide Web is a lot more than just building a good looking website. In fact, that is only a start.

You must pick the right media, like video, copy writing, and audio.

You must pick the right tools to quickly and easily develop your message for the internet like WordPress and AWeber.

You must pick the right technologies to distribute your message and make you visible like Google Plus, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

The choices are nearly endless, and taking the wrong first steps can lead you in a journey of a thousand miles in the wrong direction.


I WILL get results for you

Using a proprietary formula based on the 5 elements shown above, I make certain than you take the right steps when it comes to the internet. I will…

  • Develop a comprehensive internet strategy for you to follow.
  • Develop an implementation strategy that fits within your timeline and budget.
  • Minimize your risk as your internet presence develops.
  • Implement any or all of your internet presence.
  • Manage your internet implementation project.

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