Additional Videos



Bolgame Local Sports Team Management

Bolgame Offered An Online Local Team Management System
This video was one of their primary marketing videos

BluEagle Marketing Intro Webinar

BluEagle Does Internet Consulting
This video was designed to be an introduction to their services
voice over by Glenn Dietzel


Emmutech Virus Software

Emmutech Offers A MLM Based Virus Protection Software
This video was produced for selected distributors as a way to recruit new distributors

Enodoo Global MLM

Enodoo Global Is A MLM Marketing Savings Programs
This video was used to recruit their initial distributors

College For Less

The College For Less Service Sells College Preparation Services
This pre-recorded webinar with voice over by Glenn Dietzel is designed to convert leads into customers


The Springs Resort

Testimonial Video For The Springs Resort, Costa Rica

Local Internet Consulting

Generic Local Internet Marketing Template
This video was provided to people who purchased a local internet marketing course offered by David Preston