Examples of Video

Video Is One of the Most Effective Ways to Communicate on the Internet!

It gets your marketing message across to prospects, and it can teach customers and get pre-qualified prospects to visit your website.

The Creative Use of Video Is One of the Most Effective Ways to Get More Customers and Make More Profits.

Below are a few examples of the Types of videos I can create to promote your business.


High Impact Home Page Videos


The simple truth is that you have only a few seconds before a visitor to your website decides if they are going to stay long enough to get your marketing message. You can dramatically increase the time that viewers will remain on your website with a home page video that grabs their attention.

Another style of home page video is a personal message from the business owner.

Another style of home page video attracts view attention through a shock and awe campaign with special effects and high impact graphics and text.

Any home page video that you do can also be put on YouTube and other video sites to help promote your business.

Instructional Pre-recorded Webinars

SellHighPricedPrograms.com is one of the premier consulting companies in North America. They teach people how to take the unique experiences and knowledge they have and turn them into high paying information products. This video is extracted from a 45 minute training video about the basics of their course. You can use these types of videos to educate your market about your products and services both before and after the sale.

Low Production Cost Video For Video Distribution Sites

YouTube is the second most used search engine on the internet… and there are many other video distribution sites. That means that if you want people to find your site and be prequalified when they view it, video is one of the best options. But, when it’s important to get a lot of video on the internet, you want to do it at the lowest possible production costs. You don’t need a Hollywood production, and marketing research shows than low production costs are very effective. These videos are particularly important for Search Engine Marketing, but can be used anytime there is a need for low cost video.

This particular video was done to promote a diet program.

Testimonial Videos

Most people put testimonials on their web sites. But, if you put video testimonials on your web site, then people have to get to your web site to see them. There is another alternative. Put them on YouTube and other video sites too, let people search there and use them to drive people to your web site. This is a much more powerful alternative that brings very interested prospects to your web site.